What to Wear….

Fall/Holiday portrait season is upon us! While I don’t normally photograph older children and families – I do offer family sessions around this time, simply as a way of reconnecting with past clients and my extended family and friends! THE number one question is always: “What should we wear?”
Clothing choices are VERY important to a great photoshoot! Think simple and classic! In 10 years you don’t want to look at your portraits and say “Why did I put little Emma in that Dora shirt?!” You can read the helpful tips on my website, which says to coordinate clothes to be in the same colour family to convey that “togetherness” feeling…to avoid large logos and cartoons…to wear similar styles and colours-but not identical outfits…..but some people need a little visual guidance.
Below are several groups of outfits. Some I have created, and some have been generously shared by my photographer friends at ILP (you know who you are, and THANKS again!) All of the clothing is from Old Navy and Gap. I hope this helps!