Wall Gallery Sale!

Little Smiles Photography is a full service boutique studio.  What does this mean?  It means that as a professional photographer, I value my work as art, and I believe that art should be displayed beautifully.  It means I will not hand over a disc of files and tell you to have a nice day.  What I will do – is design something beautiful for you to cherish and actually see or touch on a daily basis!  Be proud of the images you’ve captured, display them large or create a beautiful album that will be an heirloom!

How many of you out there have random pieces of art hanging in your home?  A nice painting above your bed or in the living room, and people think “oh thats nice.”  BUT – if you have an image of you, and your family – and it is done in a beautiful and artistic way – people will say “WOW – thats gorgeous.”  It is art.  Your family is art.  That art piece proudly displayed is special and it should be celebrated and shown off!

Well, maybe you would like a large wall portrait, or a series of smaller prints framed and placed together to create a larger display…but you’re just not sure how to go about it, not sure what will look best and suit your home and your style.  Let me help!

When you come back to the studio for your ordering and design appointment, your images will be shown on a 100″ projection screeen with state of the art projection software!  I can show you how your portraits will look in YOUR home – before you even purchase them!   All you have to do is take a photo of a space in your home, email it to me with some measurements and voila!  I can make the magic happen.  I can even show you framing, with about 100 different frames to choose from!  We can design a perfect wall gallery in just minutes, or more simply, determine what size of wall portrait will fit the space perfectly.

Many people who have not had experience with a professional photographer may think that an 11×14 print is large enough for a wall or to place in a prominent place such as above a fireplace.  As you can see below – the 11×14 print on the left looks quite silly there doesn’t it?  A proper sized portrait for that space is more like 24×30 (on right), OR perhaps a collection of prints placed together.

For a limited time, I will be offering a BIG discount on wall portraits and galleries. – 60% OFF!   WOW – whats the catch you say?

This offer is only applicable to a portrait collection of 3 or more prints, with the main image being at least 11×14 in size, OR for a single wall portrait larger than 20×24. (wall portraits only, excludes canvases)

The offer is also only extended to those who agree to have me come visit you at your home, to photograph your beautiful new display!  The images that I capture of your home will be used for my website and for the studio’s new “Portrait Planning Guide” that I am creating. (No names will be used, just the images!)

This offer is extended not only to current clients, but for sessions that have taken place within the last year as well.

Below are a few images that I have created with the projection software used for ordering appointments, and some stock images of spaces that come with the program – but I would rather see REAL spaces from YOU!  Don’t miss this opportunity for big savings on creating some special art for your home!