~Sundays on the blog~ August 29

Ahh..the last weekend of August…where the heck did the summer go?! Seriously.  Although yesterday and the beginning of this week is HOT and very sunny – I’m starting to notice a little chill in the air in the early morning and night now…and maybe its all of the “Back to School” media frenzy going on right now..but I definitely feel like fall is approaching and fast!

Yesterday was just a lazy Sunday at home..and really, is there anything better?   Top right – having my morning coffee on the deck..love seeing the steam!  Top left – it got so warm in the afternoon that it was even too hot to be outside..the kids abandoned the pool and it was naptime for everyone…even me! haha   I curled up with a good book and a blanket on my reading couch! 🙂  Mid right – Erin had a good time winding herself up with the swing and spinning out…and then needed to hold onto the pole she was so dizzy!  Bottom left – More of my marigolds are dying everyday..fall is coming!  Bottom right – our resident deck spider, having a BIG meal!