~Sundays on the blog~ Aug 15

Welcome to the very first edition of “Sundays on the blog”!  In attempt to keep myself on track with my new commitment to studio hours, I will be documenting my Sunday afternoons and posting a montage of the photos!  This is going to be so much fun for me…taking photos of my family-which sadly I have been slacking on-and also having some great memories recorded!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon on the deck! (I’m sure this is going to be a recurring theme for the rest of the summer!)  Top left photo – the girls made me “flower soup” and poured it on my feet….not sure what was up with that..but…whatever! Top rights – Close up macro photos of my backyard flowers..a passion of mine!  Mid Left – Erin, being oh so sweet, and a little silly! 🙂  Mid Right – playing princess wouldn’t be complete without a sparkly necklace!  Bottom Left – Megan in her teeny weeny bikini (she has worn it since she has been a year old, I think this will be the last year for it! haha) picking flowers for the “flower soup”.  Bottom right – Playing pirate on the deck swing, which was apparently the boat – with toilet paper rolls!  “Aaarrrr Matey!”

Celebrating Sundays………Rachelle