Studio Break

Hello everyone!

The studio will be taking a small break for a few weeks, from August 19th, until September 8th.  As of today, no new bookings will be accepted during those dates.

If you are a current client, and have already set up arrangements – don’t worry, nothing changes for you!

Why you ask?    I am moving!  Not the studio – just me!  If you have experience with moving…and especially moving with two little ones also going to a new school – I’m sure you’ll understand that this is a very very busy time and I must devote my attention to my family at this time.

I will also be having some minor surgery on September 1st, and will be recovering until the 8th.

As I am the ONLY person behind Little Smiles Photography I’m sure you can appreciate the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes!  I am trying my best, but to say that I am a little overwhelmed is an understatement as I look around my chaotic house full of boxes and with a lot of packing still left to do…and at the same time try to respond to emails, voicemails, editing of images, presentation appointments to prepare for and photoshoots still scheduled on the calendar.

Please be patient with me!  Emails and voicemails might be a little slower than normal to respond to, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you!