Oliver’s Little Smile ~ Kitchener Waterloo Newborn Photography

I had a very special session this week!   There is a section in my bio about the first time I held a newborn….

“I remember being about 8 years old, and (with supervision) I was allowed to bottle feed a tiny little baby, who was only a couple of weeks old, and about five and a half pounds!  I think it was that moment, that I fell in LOVE with babies.  I studied every little detail…her dainty little eyelashes, her downy soft blonde hair, her tiny little fingers and her big beautiful blue eyes….and I took it all in and thought she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.”


That little baby girl’s name was Hilary!  Here’s a photo of me holding her – (her big brother Tyler is sitting next to me-he was so protective!)


and Hilary and I again!!

I’m showing my age here – but this baby – just became a MOM!   Yeah – the first newborn I ever held now has her own newborn – and I’m so lucky I got to photograph him!  Talk about coming full circle 🙂  Here is Hilary’s little guy!!   We caught a smirk 🙂