Oliver ~ Cambridge Newborn Photography

Ok, so I fell off the blogging bandwagon again and I’m a bit late with this sneak peek – sorry! To make up for it, you’re getting a BIG sneak peek!

I was so excited to work with this family again! I photographed big brother as a newborn, and I love to watch families grow – it is so cool to see how little babies become cute little kids!
Here is big brother…

The family! I was really impressed with how well dressed and coordinated they were! (ahem…future clients please take note) You might think, whats the big deal? But you know what? When mom and dad are just so excited for their portrait session that they take the time to PLAN their outfits – that really means a lot to me, because it shows that they care! Awesome job guys!

Oliver….sooooo adorable!!

And an outtake…because it makes me giggle every time I look at it! haha!!! Poor Oliver, he was hungry and got fed right after this shot…and big brother? well – this is his “nice smile” face, cracks me up!!