Motherhood… ~ Kitchener Newborn Photography

I found this quote on a fellow photographers blog today…I thought it was absolutely one of the most beautiful things I had ever read! (Thanks Gillian!) Maybe it was because I was having a rough kind of mommy day, but while I was editing the beautiful photos of this mommy, it seemed to fit with what I had read…

“Motherhood is a calling, a privilege, and a gift.

It is our legacy. It is what we embrace and pour ourselves into.
It is not burdensome.
It is not an onerous list of unending tasks to complete. It is not some half-hearted thing we do on the side of other things.
Motherhood is a most powerful and significant calling.
We have the opportunity to be in a loving relationship with a precious one-of-a- kind creation from the very hand of God Himself.
We are granted guardianship, friendship and mentorship with an eternal soul whom we have the joy of sharing all of life with.
It is the most amazing thing! What could be a better use of our time? How can it ever be thought of as less than what it truly is?
To be in relationship with our children and grandchildren throughout our lives with the ability to love and minister to them is absolutely the best of all opportunities.”

-Above Rubies

How beautiful is she?!

loved her reaction! 🙂