Little Ladybug Hugs ~ Kitchener Baby Photographer

“Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” -Anonymous

These are powerful words to the mama of this little one.  Little “ladybug” has a rare metabolic disorder known as CDG (Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation).  At almost 2 years of age, she is about the size of a 7 month old, she has the most beautiful eyes and LONG eyelashes!   She’s already pretty famous as I found out, she was featured on “Where Dreams Take Flight” a one-hour documentary on CHCH TV which aired in early June of this year.

Her mom has a blog dedicated to her little ladybug – you can find it HERE

an excerpt from her blog, that made me giggle:

“Even though at times the setbacks of ladybugs development due to CDG can be disheartening, I take great comfort in watching all the moms chase after their toddlers who are pulling hair, hitting and ripping everything off the shelves whilst I’m snuggling and rocking my 2-year-old in my arms.” — this is so true!  This may sound weird, but I actually look forward to when my girls are feeling a little under the weather so that I can get some extra snuggles in!  I am so very blessed, and yet its so easy to forget from day to day.

Thank you for introducing me to your little ladybug!  It was my great pleasure photographing her, and sharing your story on my blog!