I love it when my clients bring props that are special and unique to them.  The mommy of this little one was very very excited that this lady bug costume arrived JUST in time, on the morning of their session.  She told me that ladybugs were just kind of “their thing”…and went on to explain that there is an old tale that says that ladybugs are a sign of true love, and when you meet the one you will marry, ladybugs will surround you – and thats just what happened when she met her husband.

There is even a clip from a movie about the tale…

I was even more interested, and decided to do a little research, because I thought it was so cool, and wondered where the origins of that old wives tale came from.   The tale goes like this:

The next time a lady bug lands near you, count how many spots are on it’s back(the number of spots are the number of months until your love finds you), pick the lady bug up, and allow it to fly away. It is said the ladybug will fly to your love, land on his or her shoulders, and whisper your name in their ear.

As it turns out, these little creatures are considered a sign of luck and fortune all over the world.  A legend is known that during the Middle Ages a major infestation of bugs devastated Europe.  So the farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary. Shortly after, small red beetles appeared  and saved the harvest! The farmers called these insects “The Beetles of Our Lady”, later became known as“Lady Bugs”.

So there ya go…I learned something new today! 🙂