Kitchener Maternity Photography – Beautiful…

Why don’t beautiful pregnant women ever believe me when I tell them they are beautiful? I had a wonderful maternity session last night…this woman was posed and ready for me to take the shot and I sighed and said “oh-I just love photographing beautiful people!” and she laughed and said “Sorry about your luck tonight!” Now listen here pregnant women out there; YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! – every single one of you! A lot of women have trouble believing this when they are pregnant-they feel bigger than they ever have before, there is often weight gain in places you didn’t think you would gain weight, sometimes the texture of your hair does funky things, and lets face it-when you have morning sickness you’re not exactly feeling glamorous! You know what though? Inside of you there is a miracle. You are creating a brand new human being, your body is a source of new life-and THAT is beautiful. That is what I aim to capture-that love..that quiet little bond that you have with your unborn child….
So just for today – look at this photo through my eyes…and I hope you will really see how beautiful you are.