Introducing “The Storybook”

I am soooo very excited to introduce my new coffee table book! It is so beautiful, it cannot be described very well on this blog, it needs to be seen and touched! The size is 9.5″ square, a very nice size to view your portraits, and contains 30 custom designed pages of images from your portrait session.
Imported from Italy (thats right, I said Italy) you know that the quality of this book is going to be amazing!
There are lots of cover options, but I have chosen this one for my sample.
This particular cover is Metal. A metal plate with your custom cover image embedded into it! This is so elegant and contemporary, I can bet you’ve never seen anything like it! The spine and back cover are covered in a lovely black leather. I wish I were a better product photographer, but alas this was the best I could do. The metal cover is smooth and very reflective, almost like a mirror.

Two hundred specialists work on the colour control, printing and binding of the books. With more than 60 steps, the whole production process is handled with the most advanced digital process and printing technologies. I have a number of design templates to choose from, or you can choose to have your images displayed 1 per page.

Every book is created to last for many generations, preserving the photographic work and retaining its shape and colours. The exclusive binding which has an international patent, guarantees a long life durability and allows the pages to lay completely flat.

Full page spreads like this one below, lay completely flat and the crease in the middle is absolutely flawless! The pages are actual photographic prints and unlike many press printed coffee table books, the image is crystal clear.

See the image below, the pages are nice and thick!

I’m sure these new books are going to be a huge hit, I can’t wait to show them to you in person!