Going Mobile…. ~ Studio News

I take great pride in my website.  I’m constantly working hard to make sure it looks great, is up to date with all of the information needed, and is easy to access.  Little Smiles Photography is advancing with new technology and will soon be mobile!  Thats right people!  iPhone, iPad and Android phone users will soon be able to access my website!

What does this mean exactly?  Not much to a lot of people who don’t own a 3G phone – but to those who do, they have previously been unable to access my website from their device.   Visiting the website from your home computer won’t be any different, but users of an iPhone will be immediately directed to this new site.

I think it is important for business owners to be able to keep up with the times, and with this newest upgrade Little Smiles Photography is going to be mobile friendly!
So when you’re out with a bunch of friends,and you want to brag that your new baby is just SO beautiful that she is now featured on a website..you’ll be able to pull out your awesome phone and show them right then and there!  How cool is that?

I’m excited about this and I hope you are too!

I will soon be starting my professional  break – I will be taking a 6 week leave of absence from doing photoshoots, until January 2011.  Why you ask?   As a creative person also managing a thriving business, it is necessary to have a bit of a break to recharge and re-energize that creativity!

This doesn’t mean that I will be sitting on my couch watching tv for the next couple of months either though!  I will be doing other things such as working on this new website for 3G phone users, updating my main website, and developing great new products to offer in the new year!
This break in photoshoots allows me devote my full attention to these types of things, and when I start back in the new year I will be refreshed and creatively charged!   It also will allow me to spend a very special Christmas season with my family…to celebrate life and love.

Stay tuned to the blog for more studio news…it will keep coming! 🙂