Baby Safety ~ Guelph Newborn Photography

I am part of a group called “Pro Photographers for Baby Safety”.  Baby Safety is a HUGE issue in my industry right now.  There are some newer, or inexperienced photographers that think images like the above are real, and try to do the same kind of pose and setup and putting babies in danger.  What if this little one suddenly woke up and shifted his weight and rolled backward onto the hard floor?   The image above is called a COMPOSITE.  It is a digital merge of 2 images.   I’ve never posted the secret to these kinds of shots in my portfolio – but I think it is very important to let you all know – a professional photographer is very safety conscious!  If I have my doubts AT ALL that the baby may roll or is placed with a prop that isn’t 100% steady – mom or dad is always VERY close by, even sometimes touching the baby and then digitally removed from the shot.



The photo to the left has been brightened dramatically in Photoshop so you can see the detail in the black!   Mom is wearing a black T-shirt and has a black blanket draping her lap.  The baby is laying on her lap.  We made sure this little guy was fast asleep so that I could pose him the way I needed – so that I could make the shot look real.  Mom let go of baby for just a second, while I took a few shots, changing the position a little here and there.




    The set-up photo was taken a few minutes later….no baby in sight! 🙂