A word about ordering sessions…

I pride myself on the superior level of customer service that I provide.  This level of service includes an in person ordering appointment and design consultation. In the past when using an online viewing/ordering system, clients had a hard time with selecting images and sizes, and with the websites limited software, designing birth announcements, storyboards, album layout etc. was very difficult.  This led to many….many….emails and phone calls just to complete an order-not something I or my clients had time for!

So what does the in-person ordering appointment entail?  I use a 100 inch high definition projector and screen to present your images to you. The session images are large enough to really see the detail of the images…those tiny little eyelashes, rosy lips and the little tiny white bumps (milia) that are the hallmark of the newborn stage.
I present your images this way because I want you to see these fine details and appreciate them before seeing them on an enlarged print!  If you were to view your images online for the first time with a small computer screen, chances are you wouldn’t even notice these things!

How about making sure that an enlarged print will look great on your wall at home?  I don’t expect my clients to know about designing gallery walls or crop ratios – that’s what I do!  Truly, a great deal of the population thinks that an 8×10 print is large enough to be placed on a large blank wall – IT IS NOT – and I can SHOW you how silly it looks!  My projection software allows me to take a favorite image and show you the “true-to-size” image on the screen.  Do you know what is even more awesome?  If you send me a picture of your wall space, I can import it into my software and show you how that image will look on *your* wall!
My help with your portrait sizing will ensure that your images will fit perfectly in your space and you will feel confident about your order decisions.

Designing birth announcements, storyboards etc. is an easy process too!  After picking a design template- your personalized design is completed right before your eyes!  The projector is connected to my laptop, you see the process from start to finish!  Take a birth announcement for example..your chosen images are put into the design template, we change the names, details like date of birth, weight etc..we can change fonts, colours in the template, you name it- it can be done right then and there, the design finalized and approved in just a few minutes.  Can you imagine how difficult that is trying to do this through email or phone?  It takes MUCH longer, and is more frustrating for everyone!

These are just a few of the advantages of doing an in person ordering session.  There are so many others – including getting to SEE and TOUCH all of the products I offer when you make your portrait selections!

So what do you need to do to prepare for your ordering session?

1. Arrange childcare for older children. It will be a boring process for them and we don’t want to be distracted trying to entertain them.

2. Review products offered, collections and pricing with all decision makers before coming. This is specifically pointed at moms!  I have been doing this long enough to know that mom is usually the one to contract the portrait session and review all of the information, and sometimes the mommies don’t let the daddies know all of the details. Please don’t surprise your husband with the order total at the ordering appointment – its uncomfortable for everyone.

3. Make sure that all decision makers are present for the ordering session. Ordering sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday at 7pm and usually take about an hour to complete.  I am flexible on the timing of your ordering session!  If your spouse is away on a business trip when the proofs are ready, then we’ll wait to schedule the appointment when you can both be present. Remember that your order will be placed at the session and that payment is due in full at that time due to the custom nature of the products ordered.

4. Come with pictures of your walls (include the furniture so we can see the scale of the space) and wall measurements!  If you could email me these details a couple of days before the appointment that would be even better!

The feedback I have received after doing an in-person ordering appointment has been great!
My clients have told me:
“Thank you so much for all of your help – it would have taken us months to sit down and do this at home! This was so easy and fast!”
“Wow! This is really cool software for showing the photos!”
“This is unbelievable! Very impressed! You certainly provide a very professional experience with this set-up!”

I look forward to presenting your images to YOU!